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Romantic and Inventive Touches for Your Wedding

While weddings are swoon-worthy on their own, layering on a bit more romance is a wonderful way to start your once-in-a-lifetime love story.

We asked some expert wedding pros for the most romantic or inventive ideas wedding couples can use for their big day. File away these ideas; some of them are too good not to try!


We often have a bride bring in her mom’s wedding dress and ask what she can do with it. Our seamstress came up with the great idea to cut a heart out of the mom’s dress and then sew it inside the dress the bride selects, somewhere close to her heart. That’s a tradition you can carry on from mother to daughter. - Bel Fiore Bridal

Missing loved ones can be remembered in special ways at such a meaningful time. We've helped family members do a special “stashed memory” that goes in the groom’s suit when it’s ready to be picked up. It might be a monogrammed handkerchief from a grandfather, dad’s cufflinks, or the like. The bride can also write a note to her groom as a fiancé (not yet a wife) and we’ll put that in the suit before pick up. - Savvi Formalwear

We love the bride to have a first look with her dad but make it a surprise for him. I might ask him to bring his daughter her bouquet and make sure the photographer captures the moment. We also love helping a groom surprise a bride. We’ve done a stealth mariachi band, helped bring in someone from out of town who wasn’t supposed to make it to the wedding, jewelry, flowers, or even a tabletop item for the reception that wasn’t in the original budget, but the bride really wanted. - Irene Tyndale Weddings & Events


Made You Look Photo & Film

I’ve seen brides give their dad a small gift or letter and that is an incredibly touching moment. For visuals, there’s nothing like a horse and carriage send off. - Made you Look Photo & Film

I love to have the bride and groom have a private bite just before they’re introduced. It’s a lovely moment just for them. We send them home with food as well to enjoy a romantic middle-of-the-night dinner later. -Affairs to Remember Catering

A coordinated intro like a special bride and groom dance really sets the tone for the celebration. We’ve even helped a groom present his bride with a horse as a wedding present during the intro! -Exquisite Sounds Entertainment

Exquisite Sounds Entertainment

Featured Image Credit: Cat Mayer Studio