Romantic and Inventive Touches for Your Wedding

While weddings are swoon-worthy on their own, layering on a bit more romance is a wonderful way to start your once-in-a-lifetime love story.

We asked some of the expert vendors at the recent Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza for the most romantic or inventive touches they’ve executed for wedding couples. File away these ideas, some of them are too good not to try!


We often have a bride bring in her mom’s wedding dress and ask what she can do with it. Our seamstress came up with the great idea to cut a heart out of the mom’s dress and then sew it inside the dress the bride selects, somewhere close to her heart. That’s a tradition you can carry on from mother to daughter ongoing. - Bel Fiore Bridal

Bel Fiore Bridal

Missing loved ones can be remembered in special ways at such a meaningful time. We've helped family members do a special “stashed memory” that goes in the groom’s suit when it’s ready to be picked up. It might be a monogrammed handkerchief from a grandfather, dad’s cufflinks, or the like. The bride can also write a note to her groom as a fiancé (not yet a wife) and we’ll put that in the suit before pick up. - Savvi Formalwear

We love the bride to have a first look with her dad but make it a surprise for him. I might ask him to bring his daughter her bouquet and make sure the photographer captures the moment. We also love helping a groom surprise a bride. We’ve done a stealth mariachi band, helped bring in someone from out of town who wasn’t supposed to make the wedding, jewelry, flowers, or even a tabletop item for the reception that wasn’t in the original budget, but the bride really wanted. - Irene Tyndale Weddings & Events


Made You Look Photo & Film

I’ve seen brides give their dad a small gift or letter and that is an incredibly touching moment. For visuals, there’s nothing like a horse and carriage send off. - Made you Look Photo & Film

I love to have the bride and groom have a private bite just before they’re introduced. It’s a lovely moment just for them. We send them home with food as well to enjoy a romantic middle-of-the-night dinner later. -Affairs to Remember Catering

A coordinated intro like a special bride and groom dance really sets the tone for the celebration. We’ve even helped a groom present his bride with a horse as a wedding present during the intro! -Exquisite Sounds Entertainment

Exquisite Sounds Entertainment