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Tips for Attending Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza

Make the most of your Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza experience with our guide of what to do before, during, and after the wedding show!

Before the Show

Set up a wedding-only email account to use for all your show vendor communication, as well as all the blogs and publications you want to subscribe to. That keeps your main email addresses free and keeps your wedding info in one place. You can even create sub-folders for ceremony, celebration, and honeymoon if you want to be *super* organized!

Invite your squad! This could include your besties, siblings, mom, or any combination of people you want to have on hand to have fun with you and offer opinions.

Buy tickets in advance. You can save money and select the level of ticket you want for the show (VIP or General Admission). Follow @atlantaweddingextravaganza for ticket discount codes.

Determine you budget for your wedding so you know where you'll save and where you'll splurge. That will help in evaluating which vendors you want to work with.

You get an exclusive Diamond Card when you attend AWE, saving you thousands of dollars on services with show vendors. Look up the Diamond Card deals that are available to you before the show so you can be sure to look for the vendors whose deals interest you most.

Show Day

Dress for the occasion, but make sure your shoes are comfy! You'll be doing a lot of walking and you won't want to be struggling in heels. But if you just can't resist, AWE has a lovely lounge for you to rest and recharge in between booth visits.

Make sure your devices are charged! You'll want to take pics, notes, and probably post to your socials. Many photo opps await at AWE!

Come in the designated arrival window on your ticket! To make the entry experience go smoothly, AWE staggers attendance times. But make sure you've set aside at least 2 hours to fully experience the show. Brides and grooms who thought they'd just "pop in" find themselves wishing they'd allotted a lot more time.

Have your calendar handy to make appointments or schedule consults with vendors you love. It saves you time to do it when you're already there!

Even if you think you're just looking for one or two vendors, try to visit all the booths. Who knows? You might unexpectedly find a wedding professional who offers *just* the thing to complete your wedding plan.

Pick your prizes. You get to choose what you’d most like to win in the Ultimate Wedding Giveaway, from catering to entertainment to a reception venue. All prizes are  $500 to $5,000 in value! And, of course, everyone can enter the Ultimate Honeymoon Giveaway.

After the Show

Check your email for our prizewinner announcements, and to take our survey. AWE takes feedback seriously - we want to best meet the needs and wants of brides and grooms!

Post your pics and tag @atlantaweddingextravaganza. We love to see how you enjoyed the show and the vendors that captured your attention!

Look through all the goodies and info from AWE vendors, and organize the vendors you're interested in by category. While it's all fresh in your mind, make notes about the vendors you spoked with, including questions you have and aspects of their offerings you especially like.

Let the excitement from the day keep you on track! Schedule consults or make sure to keep the appointments you made the show. Some vendors offer limited time specials in addition to Diamond Card deals, and they all expire within about two months of the show. It'll pay off to make decisions within that window.

We can't wait for you to join us at the next Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza!