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Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Be prepared for your wedding day with these 20 items!

Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Stuff happens. But don’t let little mishaps take away from your marvelous wedding day! Be prepared with a wedding emergency kit that covers any potential challenges wedding party members may face.

Here are 20 items to include in your wedding day emergency kit, by category:

Health & Wellness 

Mini First Aid Kit - Be prepared for injuries like blisters or burns. 

OTC Medicines  - Pain relievers, indigestion remedies, and allergy meds can address any day-of symptoms.

Healthy Snacks and Water – Stay hydrated and keep energy levels high!

Menstrual products – Have ‘em handy in case an unexpected visitor makes an appearance.  


Fashion tape/Sewing kit: Takes care of clothing rips, snags, hanging threads, or pieces that won't stay put. 

Stain remover pen - Erase food or drink stains on the spot! 

Extra earring backs - Keep that gorgeous jewelry where it belongs. 

Super Glue – Fix broken heels, bridal accessories, or any number of things. This stuff is magic!


Chapstick - Keep those puckers looking (and feeling!) pretty.

Dental Floss  - Smile check! Make sure teeth are picture perfect.

Nail file & Clear Polish – Avoid snags and clean up broken or chipped nails. 

Make-up & wipes -  The essentials for touch ups and clean ups.

Hair Ties/Bobby pins -  Quickly handle strays or pull back hair if it gets too hot.

Hair spray - Keep styles in place, combat humidity, and, in a pinch, stop runs in stockings

Breath mints/ gum - Freshen  breath quickly

Deodorant - Pick a universal fragrance in spray form to keep everybody fresh. 


Itinerary/Vendor List: Stash a hard copy of the day’s itinerary and all vendor contact phone numbers, just in case.

Bluetooth speaker - Play music to set the tone while getting ready.

Wireless phone charger -  A one-size-fits-all charger makes sure no one runs out of battery on the big day.

Fidget toys - A few small toys can keep young wedding party members entertained and engaged.

Finally, a large tote bag to hold all the items!

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