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Perfect Wedding Day Presents for Parents

Our parents love us, raise us, teach us, and then give us away on our wedding day. While most brides and grooms gift their wedding party attendants, this milestone moment is also the ideal time to show appreciation for not only your own parents, but the parents of your partner as well. If you're looking for a creative way to do this, we've got you covered! 

Custom Clutch with Message Inside

Credit: Fontem

A note to carry always! A sentimental yet useful item for your mother: a clutch or makeup tote with a handwritten or engraved note from you inside. Your mom will love the note and cherish that she can carry you with her on your special day, and beyond!  Other useful gifts you can personalize include jewelry boxes, handkerchiefs, windchimes, and even tote bags.

A Thoughtful Tie-Clip

Credit: Sierra Metal Design

A custom tie clip or cufflinks can pull double duty as the perfect addition to dad’s wedding day ensemble and a sweet way to show your love. With classy monogram  on one side and a message on the other, dad will find joy in accessorizing. 

The Perfect Pour 

Credit: Lifetime Creations

This gift is perfect for your own dad or even your new father-in-law! Custom beer glasses are not only a great way to remember your special day, but will be useful for dads who love beer! 

Pamper Your New Family 

Credit: Dear Ava Gifts

Weddings can be a stressful time for the mothers involved. A gift of scented bath bombs and salts can help your new mother-in-law relax and show your appreciation post-wedding. The custom note makes the box a keepsake, as well! 

Picture Perfect

Credit: Boutique Butter Lu

This gift can be for all parents from both spouses to help remember your special day! We love this sentimental frame to show your gratitude to your parents and in-laws. Choose a photo taken with them from your wedding day to fill the frame, which will forever remind your parents how much you love and appreciate them! 

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