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Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding Day Kissing Tips

The iconic tradition of sealing your vows with a kiss makes for a classic wedding photo moment. But there are so many more kisses to capture on your wedding day! Read our tips for wedding album-worthy smooches.‍

Clear the Aisle

Ask your ceremony officiant to kindly move to one side at the end of the service. That way only the two of you will be in the frame when the photographer takes the picture. 

Hold it Right There

Holding your kiss somewhere between three to 10 seconds is ideal for your photographer to get some different shots of your first kiss. 

Skip the Tongue

Seriously, there’s plenty of time for that later. When you look back at these images, you’ll want to see your lovely lips touching, not an open-mouthed wet one.

Credit: Doivoux Photography

Easy Does It

Remember that a light touch is best, for images and for preserving wedding day makeup! Even though you may be feeling the passion, don’t grab faces with any pressure.


During the recessional, stop halfway down the aisle and dip for a kiss. Stick there for that magical three to 10 second window to let your photographer capture it.  You can do the same when leaving your reception, too!

Credit: Andrea de Anda Photography

Just the Two of You

Right after the ceremony recessional, arrange to be somewhere alone for just a few moments. Look each other in the eyes and recognize the enormity of the moment! Then kiss again and allow your photographer to capture it. It’ll be a photo you’ll treasure.


Credit: Viridian Images

Go Beyond Lips

We’re keeping it PG here, but a kiss on the head, cheek, shoulder, or hand can look exquisite on camera. Talk about some kiss scenarios beyond the ceremony closer, and make them happen. 

From your first kiss as spouses to the more spontaneous displays of affection that follow, keep these tips in mind throughout your big day. While posing for a few moments while kissing won’t seem natural, the emotion behind the kiss will be. Creating the right atmosphere for your photographer to capture your genuine affection will result in images you’ll treasure always. 


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