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Beyond Bridesmaids - New Ways to Invite Friends into Your Wedding

Unique and meaningful ways brides and grooms can include special friends in their weddings beyond the traditional attendant roles.

Choosing bridesmaids is difficult. Lots of factors go into determining how large your wedding party is. And sometimes friends who are invited to be a bridesmaid or groomsman are unable to commit to that level of involvement. We’ve gathered some unique and meaningful ways you can include special friends in your wedding beyond traditional attendant roles.


Credit: Samantha Jay Photography

Ceremony Reader

Is there a poem or psalm of special meaning to you as a couple? Do the lyrics of a particular song fit your love story? Ask a friend to read these heartfelt words during the ceremony.


Hospitality Host

Do you have a friend who loves to cook, bake, or simply shop? Ask for them to set up and/or host the hospitality suite where your out-of-towners are staying. In addition to stocking the space with nibbles and drinks you could give them a fun job at a particular time that will ensure everyone gets to know them and their role, like hosting an after-hours trivia game or karaoke throw down in the hospitality room after the rehearsal dinner.




If this person has a way with words and would enjoy sharing thoughts with the group, invite them to lead the rehearsal dinner toasts as the wedding’s official “Toastmaster” and manage the microphone for all other guests who want to speak.


Getting Ready Buddy

Invite your friend to get ready with the bridal party. Consider covering hair/makeup fees to thank this friend for their support.

Credit: Ocean Property Co.

Your Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Ask one friend to wear something in a shade of blue as a token of your friendship. Make sure the officiant or other member of the party acknowledges the role of this special friend for all guests to appreciate their blue gown or suit.


Credit: Bek & Addison

Music Maker

A musically gifted friend could offer a song during the ceremony or reception that holds meaning for you as a couple.


Guest Book Attendant

Ask a friend to be in charge of the guest book or a unique guest book alternative, like  wood wall art  or a Polaroid photo guest book. That gives them a special role while making sure you have a record of all guests in attendance.

Credit: Emerson Fields

The key is to choose roles that align with your friends' interests and strengths. This way, they'll feel valued and appreciated for their unique contributions to your special day.

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