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Unique Ways To Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding Ceremony  

Many brides and grooms today are breaking the traditional mold of what a wedding is "supposed" to look like, and incorporating loved ones in creative ways. From flower girl grandmas to a family musical act and even getting four-legged friends involved, we've got you covered with ways to involve everyone you love in your nuptials! 

Flower Girl Grandmas


Credit: offbeatbride

What better way to include grandmothers in the ceremony than as flower girls? Inviting them to walk down the aisle first, creating the path for you to follow, is such a meaningful and creative way to honor grandparents on your big day. 

Ringbearing Pets

Credit: Instagram

Pets are almost as beloved as  future spouses! To involve your furry friends, consider including your dog as a ring bearer! Carrying a basket or ribbon tied with the ring, he’d make a welcome addition to the wedding party. Custom dog ring bearer pillows are even available on sites like Etsy!

Delish Dishes

Credit: Hello May

Not only will this fun idea honor your roots, but it can get close family and friends involved in your reception. Have them bake some of their  - or your - favorite dishes for  the dessert table! They might represent special memories, places or people that should hold a place of honor on your wedding day. Go a step further, and include the beloved family recipes in a special cookbook printed for members of the wedding party and extended family.

Family Band 

If you've got talented friends and family, this idea is for you! Ask them to perform a musical number either during the ceremony, or even at the reception or cocktail hour! They can honor your relationship with a song special to you as a couple, entertain with a family favorite, or acknowledge relatives visiting from specific places through songs with their city's names in it.

Honoring  Loved Ones Lost

Credit: Amanda Rodriguez

You can honor those who have passed away in a number of ways. You might create a photo tribute display, add images of them to a video montage, acknowledge them in your ceremony program, or even attach small photos of them to the bride's bouquet.  Some brides and grooms honor special loved ones by incorporating an article of clothing or a piece of fabric from an outfit belonging to them, in order to keep a physical reminder close by on the big day.

Grandmas Can Also Be Bridesmaids

Credit: Little Rascal Studio

No, we haven't gotten enough of this "grandma in the wedding party" trend. They can also be bridesmaids, and don't forget! Grandpas can be groomsmen.

When planning your big day, consider how your wedding party can break with tradition and honor those you love most in memorable ways. Reach out to one of our amazing Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza planners to get started.