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Social Media Trends for your Wedding

Social media is a great source of wedding ceremony and reception ideas and tips.


We know you’re probably all over Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok finding décor and fashion inspo for your wedding. But socials are also a great source of ceremony and reception ideas and tips– from traditional to decidedly non-traditional! Here are a few of our recent favorites for your digital planning files.


1.    Face Your Guests


Rather than having guests watch your backs, give them a front row seat to your joy! Ask your officiant to stand in the aisle so you look out over the attendees. Doing it this way also means the officiant doesn’t have to be asked to exit the frame when the just-wed couple seals the deal with a kiss. Genius!

 2.    Private Last Dance

Yes, everyone will be watching your first dance. But what about a last dance that’s yours and yours alone? Before you hit the road for the honeymoon, hit the empty dance floor one more time to sway to a song that means something special to the newlyweds you’ve just become.


3.    Limited Time Only Ceremony Pics

Rather than tolerating cell phones popping out during the ceremony, ask your officiant to provide a “picture taking moment” before you start the service. This allows your friends and family to get (and share with you later!) some pics, but then to put their phones away and truly be present for the vows. This couple’s officiant handled the request beautifully, making it a fun moment rather than a rule recitation.

4.    Sibling Dance


Many couples opt for a father-daughter mother-son dance… but what about the rest of the fam? Inviting sisters and brothers to share a fun moment on the dance floor can be a beautiful way to honor those relationships. And often, a way to bring some lighthearted fun after a sentimental moment!

 5.    TikTok Dance Intros

Couple grand entrances are often over the top. But what about the wedding party? Go BIG on incorporating social trends into your wedding by having the bridesmaids and groomsmen enter the reception performing viral TikTok dances! Bonus tip: The wedding couple enters FIRST so you get to watch all the fun as your best friends and family entertain you!

 6.  Ceremony Send Off

Because not every guest stays until the very last dance, let your nearest and dearest send you off from the ceremony instead! That way your photographers are likely to capture the joy and excitement of all of your attendees - especially the very young and very old - who may not stay at the reception long. If you are having all your events at one venue, consider keeping the momentum  going, right from send off into your first dance!

Credit: AWG Events, Camille Grager

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