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Post Perfect: Bring Your Wedding "Likes" to Life

Bring that IG or Pinterest look to (real) life, with a personal twist.

Social media helps us "shop" for our ideal wedding looks. From fashion to florals and everything in between, we get inspired by looking at others' posts.

But how do you translate that wildly popular Instagram wedding look into something that reflects your personal style and the experience you want to have on your wedding day? We asked some Atlanta-based wedding pros for their thoughts on bringing your favorite "likes" to life for your wedding weekend.

CM Productions

When you’re looking at a social media post of florals or bouquets that look incredible, how do you translate that into something that suits your budget and style?


If you don't get stuck on a specific type of floral, sometimes you can get the same look within the budget that you want to spend. You can work within the same color palette but with a different type of bloom. You can also mix both fresh and artificial (silk) flowers in a design to keep costs in line. Shh. If you don't tell your guests, they'll never know!


Joshua Grasso Photography

Will a photographer replicate poses and settings that a coupled likes from social media? Can you ask your photographer for shots that are specially meant for posting?

Photographers want to capture your connection, and that requires a couple to interact naturally. If they're too busy trying to pose in a specific way to look just like another image, their authenticity won't come through. You can derive inspiration from a great image but if your locale or weather or look is completely different, does it make sense? Make sure your photographer gets to know you and that he or she feels like a friend with a camera.

Think of the engagement session as your dress rehearsal with your photographer. That's when you will really get to know each other, how your relationship will reflect on camera, and what kinds of images are important to you. If you have a favorite spot, like a coffee shop or book store, and it's close to your venue, maybe you schedule extra time during the "first look" to go on-location for some shots. Put your own twist on it and show your personality as a couple. If you've got a fun bridal party, do something fun with them! And roll with it! Something will go wrong. Photographer Joshua Grasso worked with a couple that chose Lake Lanier Islands for their wedding. They wanted outdoor photos but it rained the whole day. However, they still got some Pinterest-worthy photos that are based on no one else's images. This is a moment you can't manufacturer, and how gorgeous is that?

 Sometimes you see a dress and you only like one aspect of it and that pattern repeats as you browse. How can you find the ideal wedding or bridesmaid dress from a bunch of partial likes?

Customization is possible! If you love the top of one gown and the bottom of another gown, you can get exactly what you want. If you see some things online and create a mood board, boutiques like Impression bridal can work with that to find your ideal dress in any style, in any size.


Impression Bridal


When you see gorgeous cakes and desserts on Instagram and Pinterest, how do you know what it actually is and if it’ll be right for your wedding?

When you're doing your wedding planning you see cakes all over Pinterest. The two things you most want to think about are your budget and location. Your venue has to be determined before you decide on your cake. If you're doing an outdoor wedding, certain fillings or decorations won't withstand humidity or heat. Perhaps a cake that looks gorgeous online won't really fit with your aesthetic. You can gather inspiration and pull from different images you like to create a cake that looks like no one else's and fits your style and budget. Your cake maker can also partner with your florist or decorator to keep the cake completely on theme.


How do you get those Instagram-worthy moments of family and friends on the dance floor together?

Entertainers want to get to know their couples very well to understand their history and dynamics and assess what kind of music their family and friends will respond to most. That's most important in getting that dance floor filled. The other aspect of creating those social media moments is creating the dance floor aesthetic the couple wants to experience. Do they want light up floor tiles? The look of dancing on a cloud (created with dry ice for an ethereal look)? Do they want cold sparks going off during a first dance or grand entrance for the ooh and aah effect? To have moments of joy that your photographer can capture, you want to give your guests something that stands out for them.

Exquisite Sounds

How can reception foods create photograph-able moments?

Beautiful displays of eats and personalized treats make for lovely detail shots. But food trucks bring their own personality to a reception, almost like an exciting guest you don't have to seat! You can select from a variety of food trucks to reflect your taste and style, and they can appear at a specific moment of the celebration to build excitement. As a backdrop for photography, they create interest and they can fit in as part of the décor. If it suits your style, you could feed a meatball slider or a taco to your partner instead of a slice of cake! Rather than the funny photos that some couples used to take, going to a fast food restaurants in their wedding attire, a food truck comes to you!

Credit: Simply Food Trucks

With professional partners by your side, you can feel confident that the inspiration you find online can translate into wonderful experiences and images that help tell your unique love story. When you post, we'll be ready to "Like" them!