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Photography Tips for a Picture Perfect Wedding Day

From first look to fun exit, a pro photographer creates lasting and beautiful wedding memories.

While capturing the images you'll want to preserve forever is a wedding photographer's job, some pros go above and beyond to help you create the moments you'll want to relive for the rest of your lives.

Andrea, the artist behind the camera at Andrea de Anda Photography, guides couples through the visual aspects of the wedding day, from getting ready to sweet send-off. With years of experience in helping brides and grooms, Andrea provides her expertise on everything from what to wear for your engagement session to how to look great while walking toward the camera. (She thinks of everything!)

Here, she shares her tips (and some gorgeous images) for getting the best getting-ready photos on the big day.

Before the Gown: Andrea de Anda Photography

1. Clean up the clutter. If you're getting ready in a hotel room, use the drawers and closets and keep clutter out of the way. If you don't have a space to put everything, pick a dedicated corner that's as far from the main action as possible. This keeps the photos of getting ready and putting on your dress clean and simple.

2. Seek out gorgeous window light. Window light always makes for beautiful, soft lighting that makes you look awesome.

3. Leave extra time for hair and makeup. Hair and makeup set the tone for staying on schedule throughout the day, so be sure to leave some buffer time in the timeline so that you can take your time and avoid stress.

4. Have your details ready to go. Put your most important details in your shoebox or another pretty box so they're ready for photos. Starting with the dress, shoes, invitations (including two sets so they can photograph the front and back in one photo), perfume, your something borrowed/blue, and any other sentimental details.

5. Make sure your florist delivers flowers during this time. This is the time to pin the boutonniere on the groom and groomsmen and bride and bridesmaids will want to have the bouquets for bridal portraits.

6. Have everyone else get dressed before you. It's always nice when the people helping you get dressed are already dressed and looking polished while they help you with your dress.

7. Save your earrings, jewelry, and shoes for last. It's nice to get a photo of the bride putting on these finishing touches after she's in her dress.

A Little Help from My Friends: Andrea de Andra Photography

Considering a dazzling exit strategy? Andrea has tips for this, too!

Glow, Baby, Glow! : Andrea de Anda Photography

Sparkler Send Off: Andrea de Anda Photography

Here are six rice alternatives to make your wedding exit pretty and fun.

1. Biodegradable confetti in your wedding colors will make for a fun, colorful exit without harming the environment. If you do use confetti, check with the venue to make sure that you have permission, especially if there will be another wedding in the same place on the same day (in this case, make sure you have someone ready to clean it up).

2. Lavender or Rose Petals are completely natural, look pretty, and smell amazing. Like confetti, lavender does stay on the ground, so check with your venue to make sure you have the go-ahead. This would be especially pretty for a garden wedding.          

3. Streamers or pompons give your guests a way to get involved in your exit without leaving anything behind.

4. Glow sticks can be used by even the youngest wedding guests.

5. Bubbles add dimension to your exit photos without the clean-up.

6. Sparklers light up the night, but use safety precautions.

Bonus tip:

Show off your personality: use anything that you and your partner like and show off your personality and interest. For a night sendoff, it's ideal that the item has lights. Example: If you're Star Wars fans, use LIGHTSABERS!

May the force be with you: Andrea de Anda Photgraphy

Remember that each moment of the wedding day is an opportunity to create a memory, and a professional photographer can provide the expertise needed to make it one you'll want to look back at always.

Andrea de Anda Photography creates timeliness and authentic images for couples who value emotional moments.


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