Inspiration Zoom Session Recap: Busy as a Wedding Bee

Get organized and get stuff DONE with expert wedding tips and tricks. Read the recap of Busy as a Wedding Bee Inspiration Zoom session from Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta Online July 2020..

Expert Vendor Panel: Amp’d Entertainment, Ember Studio Photography, Button It Up, Destinations by Tamara, Your Event Solution



1.   What are the first things a couple should do when planning their wedding?

Your Event Solution (YES):Enjoy the process! Start with a realistic budget. Consider saving money by holding your wedding in the winter months versus summer. Evaluate your guest list. Narrow it down to the most important people in your life, consider how large gatherings may be on your date. Pick your date! Many dates have shifted into 2021 due to COVID, so consider looking at days other than weekends if you are set on a venue that isn’t available on a weekend. You can do site tours now or virtual tours and know that venues are more willing to work with you on daytime hours or looking for shared vendor services to cut costs. The sooner you line up your vendors, the sooner you can start using them as experts. We can help guide you. Do your research on potential vendors’ expertise, COVID policies, etc. Ask your questions! We want to make this as easy for your as possible.Many brides are asking about wedding insurance. Make sure you read the fine print – know what it covers.  


YES wedding design: romantic elegance.

 2.   When do couples usually do engagement photo sessions? What are the pictures you might not think of, but you should always try to capture on the big day?

Ember Studio: We recommend engagement sessions for a save the date or if you plan to use them at your reception. What you want to look for is a photographer who can make the most of the setting you choose. We want to capture the natural aspects of who you are as a couple. Your photographer should help you pose and choose great settings and give you a selection of images that show both your personalities and the setting. Get a combo of photojournalism and posed images, full body, half body – get your money’s worth.


Ember Studio

 3.   When you hire your reception entertainment company, how do you flesh out what the party will be like?

Amp’d Entertainment: Find an entertainment partner who understands you and what you’re looking for in the celebration experience and can deliver that. What is your musical style? What is your crowd going to be like? Share whatever info you can so we can personalize your big day.  

4.   How popular are photo mementos/favors for wedding guests, and what is available/soon to be available in this area?

Button It Up: Include family members who can’t be with you on the big day through a virtual photo booth. You can include them in images with you as if they were there. There are many digital options for photo images, but having physical prints are excellent for guests to display after the event. Joel showed examples of giant photo strips and flip books. BIU can print any size images during event.

Button It Up: wedding GIF fun!


5.   What are your best honeymoon planning tips? How do you decide the length of your trip and agree as a couple on the kind of experience you want to have?  

Destinations by Tamara: Start early on selecting the type of experience you want. The beach? Adventure? How long can you take to travel? What is your budget? Make sure you make arrangements well in advance and know how plans can be changed if needed. A lot of travel is temporarily on hold but resorts and cruises are putting time and effort now into safety measures for when they resume. You might consider a mini-moon immediately after the ceremony. Then plan a larger trip farther out when you have more time and have more peace of mind about travel safety. Working with a travel planner can help remove the uncertainty at this time and guide you to find the ideal location for your honeymoon trip.

6.   What are some current trends in ceremony and celebrations that you think we’ll be seeing in 2021?

Amp’d Entertainment: Livestreaming is the direction everyone is going, especially as weddings stay with smaller guest counts. We’ve been serving a lot of clients over last few months who couldn’t or didn’t want to move their date. We have a dedicated videography team to accomplish this.

Button It Up: You can involve those who are virtual guests in creative ways! The virtual photo booth, sending catered meals to guests at their homes, etc.

YES: We’re seeing more destination weddings, close in driving distance with outdoor and indoor experiences to offer more flexibility in spaces. We’re seeing lots of creative methods of catering options to keep food and beverages exciting but safe, like mini-cakes delivered in boxes to each guest rather than slices of cake.

Ember Studio: We’re currently seeing more ceremonies taking place in private homes. Your photographer should curate the space where you are and make the photos look terrific no matter your location.

7.   Are there tools or tips you recommend for staying on timeline and budget for wedding planning? How do you move forward in uncertain times with wedding plans?

Amp’d Entertainment: Find vendors who are in tune with what you want. We know you don’t get married every weekend, but we do! We can hep you with your timeline, planning, etc. We’ll be here for you and help make this an easier process for you.

Button It Up: Choose reputable vendors, those who have been around for years and have strong reputations. If you need to reschedule during COVID, they’ll work with you and help you maximize your money.

YES: Be honest with your vendors about your budget. We can help you achieve something great within your budget; that’s our expertise.

Ember Studio: It’s a big advantage to have a photographer who plans in advance. Putting the time upfront is important. For example, we walk the property before the event and check where sunlight will be so we line up our shots and make sure we catch the light for first look and other important moments.  

Destinations by Tamara: I love my lists! Let your experts keep you on track. I’ve got planning and packing checklists I give my clients, or you can create your own. They will help you manage your time and plans.