Setting the Right Tone for Your Wedding

Find out all the ways you can make your wedding uniqely YOU! Read the recap of our Finding Your Wedding Style expert advice session from Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza January 2021.

Expert Vendor Panel: AMP'D Entertainment, Button It Up, Coco Dionne Event Planning & Invitation Design, Destinations by Tamara, Emily Jordan Events,  Made You Look Photo & Video, Your Event Solution

Your Event Solution (YES)

What should couples do first?

Put together your budget to determine how much you want to spend. Think about your guest list, how many guests do you plan to have? With smaller weddings you can spend more per guest! Evaluate venues to hold as many as you invite – your maximum number. Those out of town guests are likely to come next year! Be open to other dates than Saturday night! Try to be flexible. Your money will go further on a non-weekend, no primetime. Outdoor venue spaces are very in-demand so it’s harder to find them. If you’re going outdoors, have a back up plan because of weather! Also, make sure to find out what’s included at your venue of choice. - YES/Your Event Solution

What are the different styles of weddings? How do you find the one that’s right for you?

Romantic: soft color palette, soft lighting, lots of florals, candlelight.

Alternative: more dramatic/moody color palette, sometimes no florals or minimal florals.

Vintage: more antique décor, impacts wedding party attire most greatly.

Whimsical: bright colors and Bohemian elements

Modern: clean lines, geometric shapes, more minimal décor

Rustic: usually rural setting, mason jars, farm tables

No cookie cutter weddings! It should reflect your journey as a couple. - Emily Jordan Events


Made You Look

When should you arrange engagement photos? What are the photos you might not think of but you should capture on the big day?

Usually you want to book about 6 months to a year out from the wedding so you have time to use them! Do you have special guests coming? A beloved aunt, college roommate, or elders who should be captured? Your photographer should know to get those shots! It’s the best reunion ever! Get that VIP list to the photographer. - Made You Look


AMP'D Entertainment

How does your entertainment partner help you infuse the wedding reception with your style?

Your entertainment partner should have good chemistry with you and be able to understand clearly what you like in terms of dance music. Our specialty is matching the right music to you and your guests. -AMP'D Entertainment

Button It Up

Why are photo mementos so popular? What’s new in photo entertainment?

Who doesn’t love posing in a photo booth or in front of a backdrop? Giving your guests a photo memento of the night is a great way to preserve the memory. You can do giant photo strips, buttons, magnets, 4 x 6 prints, snow globes… whatever your style, you can have a novelty to match! You can have a memory photo book from the evening’s images as well. A mirror photo booth is great fun, too. We have a virtual photo booth where guests who can’t be with you physically can take a photo from their own device and look like they’re in the same room with you! - Button It Up


How should couples approach honeymoon planning and find agreement on where to go/what to do?

Work with a travel planner to help you determine what you want to do and what the trip should involve. Do you want to lay on a beach or have a great adventure? Think about how much time you can take off. If you only have a few days, you won’t want to have lengthy travel times. There’s a lot of guidance for how you can get to your dream spot, even during challenging conditions! (See our Two Tickets to Paradise recap for more honeymoon scoop!)- Destinations by Tamara


Coco Dionne

How does the invitation set the tone for your style and what are some fresh ideas in invitations?

Invitations are the first signal to guests of what your wedding experience will be! If you’re going formal, casual, destination, etc. it should reflect the weekend’s vibe and set the tone for the entire weekend. It can be customized in so many ways! Many younger couples are moving away from traditional wording and having more fun with it. Colors are also becoming more prominent instead of neutrals, so don't be afraid to express yourself in the invitation. - Coco Dionne

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