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Wedding Trends in 2023: Royalty, Rust Tones, and Recycling

Wedding celebration trends in 2023 reflect our obsession with royals and regency-era fashion, an earthier color palette, and more focus on green wedding practices.

Weddings are returning to pre-pandemic numbers, with nearly 2.2 million US weddings planned for this year. What's the most popular date to get married in 2023? Let's just say that if you're getting married on September 23, you will have some competition for anniversary dinner reservations in the future.

Cheers to the ceremonies and receptions coming in 2023! Here's what we'll be seeing more of this year:


Weddings in 2023 are reflecting earthier tones like rust, plum, orange, and rose that blend to create a muted, complementary color scheme. Sage, sand, and dark olive are growing in popularity as accompanying accent colors to make the rust palette pop. From bridesmaid gowns to table linens to photo booth backdrops, the colors can be included in all aspects of wedding design. For a more vibrant take, some are using the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta (a berry-hued pink), to bring a rosy tone in as an accent, particularly in florals.

Credit: Palm Paperie DIY

Credit: Yolancris



Grace Kelly-style wedding gowns and Bridgerton-esque lavish décor are popping up on social accounts around the globe. Inspired by real royalty or fictional regent-area socialites, these styles have ratcheted up romance in common.

Paris Hilton. Lily Collins, and the president's granddaughter Naomi Biden all wore wedding gowns inspired by the legendary beauty and fashion icon Grace Kelly. Her conservative, classic style continues to inspire wedding dress looks that feature long, tapered lacy sleeves, a high neckline, and fitted bodice.

And to continue the royals wedding fashion trend, brides are increasingly choosing additional gowns to change into for the reception, or selecting gowns that can be modified for ease of dancing and a change in silhouette.

Endless Pinterest boards featuring Regency Blue and swoon-worthy florals can inspire a Bridgerton wedding. Brides and grooms are setting the stage for Regency era romance: a string quartet, a bevy of blooms, gilded chairs and mirrors, and some twinkle lights adorning lush greenery can transport guests to Mayfair, London.

Credit: Shannon Turner Cakes


Whether modern, romantic, or vintage- wedding cakes are swanning into the spotlight again! Small handheld desserts are still popular but grand, gorgeous towers of spongy cake and decadent fillings and frostings are taking back their rightful place as the king (or queen) of the reception foods. Glamorous or goofy toppers serve as their crown. Handcrafted sugar flowers, brilliantly colored fondant shapes, gold leaf, and the return of vintage Lambeth cake piping are among the décor trends to watch.

Some couples go eclectic, for example, combining a handpainted marbled fondant tier with a buttercream floral accented top tier, in a celebration of multiple styles.

The cake presentation is also still a major moment at the reception, so cake swings, multi-level displays, and elaborate stands are part of the grand effect.


2022 Metal Cake Stand / Wedding Decor/ Wedding Metal Round image 1
Credit: Wood Shop Crafts UA, Etsy

Credit Wonder Soiree


Specialty bars, like ones dedicated to bourbon or tequila selections, are becoming hugely popular. It’s another unique way to bring personality into the guest offerings. As well, unique ways to serve guests drinks are taking off.

Think vintage vehicles with pouring taps, coffees brewed and served from a mini-camper, and champagne flutes suspended from ivy walls. Depending on the season, couples may opt for chilled beer taps or a hot cocoa bar, complete with a variety of toppings.

With signature cocktails making a comeback, brides and grooms may have "his" and "hers" bars, each featuring their own special libation. These can be classic cocktails with a twist, or new name that connects with the wedding's theme. Or, they can be original drinks creates based on the bride or groom's taste preferences. These drinks can mirror décor colors and be served in special glasses, all to elevate the experience.

For those who don't prefer an alcoholic beverage (or are not old enough to enjoy one) a bespoke soda bar is an exciting trend, featuring fruity, floral, spicy, or herbaceous flavors to blend into a custom mocktail.

Credit: The Whole Bride


While plantable or recycled paper wedding invitations have been popular for some time, today's couples are also looking at other aspects of the sustainability picture to make smart choices. When selecting venues, they're checking not just event space but also energy usage and recycling policies, and evaluating whether more natural settings like parks, gardens, forests, and beaches can meet their needs.

Vintage and rented clothing is a popular way to introduce sustainability to the wedding weekend, along with serving locally sourced and organic foods in season. With six percent of Americans now eating no meat or fish, and 12 percent usually eating vegetarian or vegan meals according to a 2022 survey by the Vegetarian Resource Group, many are also opting to serve a vegetarian choice, which has less impact on the environment than a meat meal.

In-season and locally sourced florals are another way couples are reducing the environmental impact of their weddings, while also using live décor items like succulents and potted plants that can be given to guests as mementos to be planted at home and enjoyed for years to come.

Send-offs are also becoming sustainable, with guests throwing birdseed, plant seeds, or confetti made from dried flower petals held in biodegradable cones.


Welcome parties are gaining popularity as the less formal, more-fun-than-a-rehearsal-dinner first gathering of wedding party and family. Designed to break the ice and get the core attendees comfortable with one other, these events often happen shortly after out-of-towners arrive and check in to their accommodations. They can be relaxed and downright boisterous, with activities both active and passive to engage all guests. We're hearing about soccer and volleyball matches, scavenger hunts, karaoke sing-offs, bounce houses, and of course, plenty of nibbles and sips.

Credit: Green Antlers Photography

From royalty-inspired looks to earthy color palettes to wild welcome parties, wedding couples in 2023 are embracing some exciting trends as they create their dream wedding day. Are you ready to take on some of these trends? Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza vendors can guide you on the journey to a wedding day that is both on-trend and all YOU.