Wedding Trends in 2022: More Color, Whimsy, and Bars

Wedding celebration trends in 2022 reflect whimsy and color following two years of scaled-down, postponed events.

With at least 2.6 million US weddings planned for this year, wedding pros are busier than ever creating the days of their couples’ dreams. From what we’re hearing from top Atlanta wedding vendors, these are elements we can expect to see more of at ceremonies and receptions in 2022:

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Muted earth tones and pastel shades are shoving over to make room for BIG. BOLD. COLOR! Shades like blush and lavender make way for slightly deeper tones like Pantone’s 2022 color of the year, Very Peri, a periwinkle/violet. Whether the entire décor palette is peacock brilliant or vivid pops of pigment surprise and delight in bouquets or lounge furniture, couples are showing their true colors.


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Flower girls aren’t required. Neither are formal grand entrances or bouquet tosses. Couples are savoring more authentic moments with guests and eliminating some of the typically staged aspects of the wedding day. Whether it’s including a couple’s pet in the processional, or a surprise dance entrance with the wedding party, couples are feeling freer to do it their way. Unique choices often lead to the most memorable moments!


Photo: Elisabeth Van Lent, Floral Design: Wild Flower Fairy


Flowers are an essential décor element for many. But rather than blocking the view of the guest across the table, imaginative decorators are suspending them from ceilings, arranging them on walls, and using them to romantically frame doorways. Keeping table flowers low and minimal is a great way to allow guest conversation while hanging elaborate arrangements high shows off the height and scale of the space, whether ballroom, barn, or beautiful tent.


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Ballrooms are still a top choice, but open-air tents, that became popular for pandemic reasons, are here to stay. For couples who want an outdoor experience, it eliminates weather worries. A tent can be put up almost anywhere, so it vastly expands venue options, and can be just as opulent as a four-walled room.

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Wedding cake is still popular but also expect fun and opulent single-serving sweets with swagger. Bedazzled cake pops, chocolate-dipped stroopwafels, custom coffees with logo imprinted sugar toppers… dessert is going decadent this year.


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One drink bar may not be enough anymore. Specialty bars, like ones dedicated to bourbon or tequila selections, are becoming hugely popular. It’s another unique way to bring personality into the guest offerings. As well, unique ways to serve guests drinks are taking off. Think vintage vehicles with pouring taps, coffees brewed from a mini-camper, and champagne flutes suspended from ivy walls.



This is an extension of the destination wedding trend of2021, as more couples indulge their urge to start the honeymoon early. Destination doesn’t have to mean Europe or an island, as the perfect multi-day venue can be just a short drive or flight away. The goal is togetherness. Guests make a big commitment to join brides and grooms and it’s hard to spend time with everyone at the actual wedding. Creating a full weekend of events, from dinners to activities to farewell brunch, give more opportunities to connect.

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Ready to take on some trends? Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza vendors can guide you on the journey to a 100% contemporary, uniquely you wedding day.