Two Tickets to Paradise! Honeymoon Guide for 2021

How do you plan your post-wedding getaway? Read the recap of our Honeymoon Overview from Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza January 2021.

Destinations by Tamara guides us through the ins, outs, and AHHHHHs of honeymoon planning. Grab your tropical drink and let's dive in!

What are key things to keep in mind when it comes to honeymoon planning? When should you start?

This is your trip of a lifetime! Get inspiration from social media and friends but make it YOUR trip! Plan early, especially now, when 2020 weddings have moved to 2021 and capacities are limited for many vacation hotels. Know your budget! That’s very important.

Flights get published about 11 months out. Start getting your ducks in a row about that time.

What are the top honeymoon destinations? Why are they popular?

St. Lucia and Jamaica top the list. Many couples want that beachy romantic honeymoon. Also popular: The Maldives, Greece, Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji. If you’ve got more time and budget, those are trending strongly. Europe sightseeing and touring destinations are popular, as well. Italy, Greece, France, and Spain are top destinations in that part of the world. St. Thomas is a great pick as well, because it’s a U.S. territory. You don’t need a passport or COVID testing on the way there or for the return.

Ritz-Carlton Aruba

With Covid-19 restrictions, where can we go now and what will the experience be like to travel during this time?

There are a number of places open to the U.S. for travel currently. Many will require a test before you go. The Caribbean, Mexico and the Dominican Republic don’t require tests to go there, but you have to test for return. The Caribbean is doing a great job of putting health, hygiene and safety protocols in place.

What honeymoon and other travel trends are we seeing now?

Beach vacations are still tops. But couples want more immersion. We're seeing more interest in the epic adventure in which the couple is on the go, bucket list-type of travel like safaris or diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Participating in experiencing with locals, like cooking experiences, would be part of that. We also are hearing requests for unique and special places where your friends haven’t been before!

How do we decide what kind of a honeymoon vacation is best for us, especially if partners are interested in different types of vacation activities?

Try to create a compromise trip that covers what both of you want. Then you'll have the best of both worlds! For example:

Thailand has cultural sites and experiences,  amazing cuisine, but also beach.

Costa Rica has the adventure side: hiking, volcanos, rainforest, zip lines, but also beach.

Maybe you do a smaller trip now and a bigger trip later. That’s how you can marry your interests and wants. It’s like House Hunters! You go through your must-haves and find where you meet in the middle. Book excursions in advance so you don’t have that aggravation or need to plan once you’re there. Knowing your schedule in advance helps you relax!


Why would a couple choose a Destination Wedding and how does it work?

They’re easy! You’ve got a destination with staff who do this regularly. It’s their job to plan weddings. It simplifies the process. It can be very budget-friendly because it’s a package and you get so much for your guests. It extends your vacation and gives your guests a vacation, too. And it’s a more intimate experience giving you more time with the important guests you want to have with you. You can still live stream your ceremony if some loved ones can’t be there!

Top Destination Spots:

St. Lucia, Mexica, Jamaica, St. Thomas is on the rise (you don’t need a passport) and Aruba, because it’s outside the hurricane belt.

Close mini-moon getaways:

Look at Asheville, Charleston and Savannah. They have lots of B&Bs, culture, and historic experiences.  

Sedona has wonderful spa resort amenities. Napa and Sonoma are great if you'd love to see wine country. You can mini-moon at dude ranches, arrange hiking trips… whatever you like!

What does a travel planner do?

We remove the stress and hassle by taking care of the travel planning but also the experiences while at your destination. It's great assistance in figuring out the travel requirements, travel insurance, and managing rescheduling or postponing if you should need to. We can help navigate any challenges and also get you special perks and amenities. We will get you the best value for your money. The things that make it really special, we take care of that.

We can help with destination weddings, bachelor/bachelorette/honeymoons. If you want full service, we can do the whole thing. Or we can handle pieces and parts. Some people do their own flights because of points or credits they want to use. Many vacations can include a flight package, though, so you can save money doing it that way and use your points on other more expensive flights.

Want to see photos of beautiful honeymoon and destination weddings and hear from Tamara directly? Watch the entire Zoom replay here.