Inspiration Zoom Session Recap: Post Perfect

Bring that IG or Pinterest look to (real) life, with a personal twist. Read the recap of Post Perfect Inspiration Zoom session from Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta Online July 2020..

Expert Vendor Panel: Exquisite Sounds Entertainment, Joshua Grasso Photography, Cakeology, CM Productions, Impression Bridal, VRoK Fitness, Food with Purpose


CM Productions

1.    When you’re looking at a social media post of florals or bouquets and it looks incredible, how do you translate that into something that suits your budget, and style?


CM Productions: It depends on budget and preference of flowers. If you don't get stuck on a specific type of floral, sometimes you can get the same look within the budget that you want to spend. We can work in color palettes to get you that look with a different type of bloom. Example: We can use both fresh and artificial (silk) flowers in a design to keep costs in line.



Joshua Grasso Photography

2.    How do you work with couples or brides to replicate poses and settings that they like from social media? Do you do shots that are specially meant for posting?


Joshua Grasso Photography: I want it to be about you. The biggest tip for getting the Pinterest-y things that you want, narrow it down. Less is more. I want to focus on you and not doing intricate poses, because we want it to be authentic for you. Make sure your photographer gets to know you. Your photographer should feel like a friend with a camera. In one example, a couple who loves going to comic book store together, so we scheduled extra time during first look to take some on-location shots. Put your own twist on it and show your personality as a couple. If you've got a fun bridal party, do something fun with them! And roll with it! Something will go wrong. One couple chose Lake Lanier Islands. They wanted outdoor photos but it rained the whole day. We brought out umbrellas and got some creative photos of them with umbrellas. It's totally Pinterest-worthy but not based on anyone else's image.


3.    Sometimes you see a dress and you only like one aspect of it and that pattern repeats as you browse. How can you find the ideal wedding or bridesmaid dress from a bunch of partial likes?


Impression Bridal: We do more customization here than anywhere in the Southeast. So if you love the top of one gown and the bottom of another gown, you can totally have a say in getting exactly what you want. If you see some things online and create a mood board, we can work with that to find your ideal dress. Our sizes go from zero to 30 and we have brides at all places in between.


Impression Bridal


4.    Everyone wants to look amazing on their wedding day. What do you tell brides who are eager to get their bodies gown-ready?


VRok Fitness: As a mobile and virtual training company, I focus on helping you stay on course to reach your goals on your health journey. I work with couples and we have all the expertise to help brides and grooms look their best. We focus on nutrition and workouts with personal attention.

Impression Bridal: Adding a belt is an easy way to define your waist. A Magic Belt band (3, 5, or 7 inches) stitched into your dress can help you slim two inches off your waist in your gown. You can eat all the cake and food you want!

5.    When you see gorgeous cakes and desserts on Instagram and Pinterest, how do you know what it actually is and if it’ll be right for your wedding?


Cakeology: When you're doing your wedding planning you see cakes all over Pinterest. The two things you most want to think about are your budget and location. I tell people, have your venue before you decide on your cake. If you're doing an outdoor wedding, I won't recommend certain fillings or decorations that won't withstand the heat. Let's look at all sorts of options and see what fits into your budget. Every cake is completely custom. Let's create your absolute dream cake that looks like no one else's and fits your style and budget. I can partner with your florist to decorate the cake with fresh florals to tie in to centerpieces. Naked cakes are popular for outdoor weddings. It has very little frosting so it can stand up to heat and humidity. I can do vegan, dairy free, gluten free as a small production bakery.


 6.    What do you do during a party to get those Instagram worthy moments of family and friends on the dance floor together?


Exquisite Sounds Entertainment:  It's really about knowing your couple. I have worked with couples and we know where they went to college, where they went to high school, what music they listened to growing up. We understand their history and dynamics. We should know going in to it that there are certain things we must do. As an intuitive DJ, I should know what the crowd is going to get excited about. I want to leave them with memories at the end of the night.


Food with Purpose

7.    How does a food truck (or more than one) at a reception create photograph-able moments that are different from traditional catering options?


Food with Purpose: Food trucks are such a fun way to elevate the experience. Each has its own personality, so you can use it in your photography and it adds to the decor. You can have a selection of different trucks to make it a grazing experience. It's very interactive and different than a sit down dinner. You can feed a meatball slider to your partner instead of a slice of cake! Food trucks are also great for rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, late night bites and Sunday brunch. I can help you find the kind of food and look you want for your wedding. Food trucks are mobile so they can go everywhere. We look at how many guests you're having and if you want guests to go up to the truck multiple times. Make sure someone is getting food for you! You want to eat at your wedding.



Exquisite Sounds

8.    What are the trends that you see gaining in popularity based on social media attention, or those that you are just starting to offer that you think couples will love?


Exquisite Sounds Entertainment: On the entertainment side, I'd say that some enhancements we offer are new to the area and are becoming very popular. Dancing on a Cloud, for example is dry ice mixed with water on the dance floor. It's computer controlled, so we are in charge of the size of the cloud we create that the couple dances in. Sparklers are also very popular to give excitement to a first dance or other special moment. We did sparklers in a wedding last weekend and you can hear the excitement in guests' voices when they went off. You want to give your guests something that stands out for them. With social media and everyone taking pictures, this is how you do it. They can be done inside, but you need to check with your venue on their restrictions. Sometimes they just need to see how it works and check that they're safe.

Joshua Grasso Photography

Joshua Grasso Photography: One of the easiest ways to find a photographer is to focus on what you really love and what you don't want. My style is focused on candid portraits and storytelling. You have to work your butt off to capture those special moments!


Cakeology: One thing that's trending in cakes is the geode look. It's textured cake, with a 3D cutout. Some versions of this have textured painted buttercream. You can make it your own with your colors and textures you like most. It's still classic but unique. If you only have a few guests with food allergies, we can do little cakes or cupcakes to take care of them. Being small production we can make sure everything is customized.

CM Productions

CM Productions: Couples are fine-tuning the small details of what they want their guests to experience. Is it cozy? Is it over the top? They're really focusing on what they want to share and not what someone else might have done.

Impression Bridal: We're seeing a lot of illusion and see-through trains. Really long and extravagant trains with a lot of detail are gaining in popularity.

VRoK Fitness: Accountability is important and we work as a group to celebrate successes and evaluate progress. Don't think fitness is boring and hard, it can be fun as well! Keeping up with your mental health and physical health is important!

Food with Purpose