Inspiration Zoom Session Recap: How to Become Bridechilla

Take the stress out of the planning process, and Chill! Read the recap of How to Become Bridechilla Inspiration Zoom session from Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta Online July 2020..

Expert Vendor Panel: Roy Harran Cellist, Viridian Images Photography, Raising the Bar, Balloonacy/Flowers By Holland, Coco Dionne Event Planning and Invitation Design, Spirited Event Group, Alpharetta CVB



1.   How can you make wedding decision-making a less stressful process?

Coco Dionne Event Planning and Invitation Design: If you get a group of vendors that you're comfortable with, who understand your vision and your dream. The people you hire should do the stressing for you.

Balloonacy/Flowers by Holland: Secure vendors that are experts in their field. I'm an expert, but I'm always learning, taking classes, etc. so that I can bring something new to my clients and to share with other vendors. Picking a team that is going to ensure a successful day can help keep you relaxed.

Alpharetta CVB: We are a free service that can help you research and find venues. We'll set up tours, find out who has the best rates for you at hotels, and we've got plenty of tools we can provide you. We provide hospitality to those visiting Alpharetta. CVB stands for Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Spirited Event Group

2.   How can venue and entertainment partners create a more relaxed vibe for the big day?


Spirited Event Group: We handle private events at brewery venues. They are set up to already entertain, with plenty of character, tables, etc. Having the vendor team that will help you throughout the process is key to keeping you relaxed. We keep track of the flow of who is coming into the space and when, we follow up with vendors and make sure they're informed. We supervise the set up and take that responsibility off the couple.

Roy Harran: To create a more relaxed experience, look for experience and credentials to have the smoothest experience with your vendors.



Roy Harran, Cellist

3.   How early should you book your vendors?

Balloonacy/Flowers by Holland: Book the vendors who can only take on one wedding on one date early. If you know a photographer you must work with, that should be an early purchase. We try to do only one wedding a day, but sometimes we can do more if it's just bouquets and centerpieces.

Spirited Event Group: We book usually 6-9 months out but it differs from venue to venue.

Roy Harran: I can only do one wedding at a time. The earlier the better. It's happened if my day is already booked, I'm sorry to have to say no.

4. How do you take the stress out of posing for formal wedding photos?

Viridian Images: One of the keys that drives stress during the day of is time. We recommend having an engagement session so strongly that we include them as complimentary in our wedding collections. They're the dress rehearsal for the wedding. It helps us to build a relationship with the wedding couple and a rapport, which leads to a more relaxed wedding day. We make it fun! A first look is a great thing to have, usually right after getting ready and before the ceremony.This is great because you don't have to do your portraits after the ceremony.


5.   What do you do versus what couples can do on their own?

Balloonacy/Flowers By Holland

Balloonacy/Flowers by Holland: It depends on the couple. Some have events experience and want to do it themselves without a planner. Some venues offer a planner beyond the day-of supervision. If there's something you want to make happen, in our network, we can find the right resource for you! It's a good idea to set your expectations with your venue early on. Find out what day-of services mean to your venue. You might need to hire someone else. Our goal as your team is to get you down the aisle , off to a great reception and starting your happily ever after.

Alpharetta CVB: If you're not sure what you're getting from a vendor, make sure to ask! We've got a wedding checklist that we can provide to help you as a starting point. If you're married in or around Alpharetta, we'll work on hotel room blocks, welcome bags, find out about hospitality suites and what can be done for your group. Our services are free.

Viridian Images
Viridian Images

Viridian Images: Photography has to touch every point of the day, so a few weeks before the wedding, we go through the course of the day and suggest elements to allow time for photography. We're happy to work this through with a planer or coordinator. Sometimes I do a collaboration, where they may know what they want for themselves, but not for their parents. The music is so important for setting the tone. I offer something unique,the first dance. I'm basically serenading the bride and groom. I have rehearsal with them prior to the big day, so they get used to what I sound like and they can practice. I try to he

Roy Harran: Often, I have brides who have no idea what they want for music. I'm happy to share my thoughts and I have them share the info of all the wedding party members who are coming down the aisle.

Spirited Event Group: I help couples work through their logistics and what they need and try to put them with the right fit for their celebration venue. We want it to be the right fit for what they're looking for.

Raising the Bar

6.   How does the bartending part of the reception work?

Raising the Bar: We're a one-stop shop for bartending needs; a chill process to the ultimate turn up! Book early if you can, but we have had rapid turnarounds before, it's not a problem. Your experienced vendors are great resources for helping you choose the rest of your team. Our 1977 Airstream trailer offers draft cocktails and beer, and it's an extension of our bartending service. That can be an add-on if you have bartending services as part of your venue. You name it, we will mix whatever drinks you'd like for your celebration. We can make just about anything happen with beverage choices.


Coco Dionne Event Planning and Invitation Design

7.   How do you work through the invitation piece of planning?

Coco Dionne: I try to make the process as simple as possible. I do a consultation with every couple that request my services. I bring a selection of papers, belly bands, pockets, etc so you can get a taste of options and decide what you want. It's customized for your style. I design them myself. You decide what you want and select the pieces. The guest list with addresses it your biggest job! It's a process that's supposed to be fun! I'm here to help you narrow it down so it's not overwhelming. Book your invitation vendor not less than nine months before your date. What your guests receive as their invitation sets the tone for all your celebration elements.

8. What’s your best advice to engaged couples starting to plan their weddings at this time?

Roy Harran Cellist: This is an opportunity, even if you have to reschedule, to do some things differently with a smaller guest list. Cello music can be a great addition to a smaller wedding. Have some fun, explore, and be creative.

Viridian Images Photography: It's never too early to plan, even for a destination wedding. With photography, the sooner you can plan the better. You always get two photographers with us, so we don't split our team. There are a lot of provisions you can include to handle pandemic issues. Remember what you're doing and why you're doing it. It's the two of you; it's the marriage. Everything else can just go away.

Raising the Bar: If you have to downsize the wedding, it's a great opportunity to think outside the box. Maybe you do a bourbon tasting during cocktail hour. Maybe we do a very special, high end craft cocktail experience that we couldn't traditionally do with 150 guests. We can really up the experience of a downsized guest count. Throw in an Airstream and make it extra special! It'll give your guests a totally different experience.

Balloonacy/Flowers By Holland: Even if you hire your preacher who married your parents 30 years before, make sure they have a state license where you're getting married. That happened to us, and we had to have a second wedding. We have a two week period we can celebrate our anniversary! The officiant needs to be licensed in the state where you get married; this is separate from your marriage license.

Coco Dionne Event Planning and Invitation Design: Have the most fun you can and don't wait until the last minute. It's already stressful enough right now! Choose the vendors who are the best fit for you. Take your time and research them.

Spirited Event Group: Make it fun, make it personal and get creative. If you can't have a dance floor, bring in performers like a jazz ensemble. You can do some fun things you might now have thought of before.

Alpharetta CVB: If you have to reschedule, don't let it get you down. This is an once in a lifetime kind of thing. My husband and I did a courthouse wedding and then a traditional wedding, so we celebrate two anniversaries! Don't cancel, don't get discouraged. You're going to be together forever.


Alpharetta CVB