Inspiration Zoom Session Recap: Have It Your Way

Personalize each detail of the big day to tell your unique love story. Read the recap of Have it Your Way Inspiration Zoom session from Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta Online July 2020..

Expert Vendor Panel: Bow Tied Weddings, Ben Lipford Photography, Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events, LinenHero, Crumbl Cookies, Dede Adams Calligraphy


Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events

1.   How do couples determine their wedding style?

Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events: Our first conversation is about who are you in your everyday life versus what’s on your Pinterest board. Are you classic, modern, offbeat, laid back, rustic? Brides get inundated with what they think their weddings should look like, but we want it to reflect who they really are. And then how do you want your guests to feel to share this time with you, from save the date to the big day. Many of our brides do have boards, but you don’t have to have Pinterest boards for us to help you determine your wedding style. Remember, you’re not marrying yourself, so the experience needs to reflect both you and your partner.


Linen Hero: We can cater to any wedding style. Are you boho, farm chic, formal or casual, super modern, classic? There’s no wrong answer, it’s your wedding so it should reflect you. There are many quizzes to find your style. The questions may be silly but they can help you rule out things you don’t want as well as what you do.  Another thing to think about is how comfortable you’d feel at your own wedding. Would you feel comfortable at a black tie affair?



2.   Apart from invitation envelopes, how can calligraphy be used to give a personal touch to a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower?

Dede Adams Calligraphy: Let me count the ways! At a rehearsal dinner, you could do place cards with fun nicknames. You can name your tables after things you and your partner have done together – mountains you’ve climbed, football teams,vacation spots you’ve traveled together. You can have menus calligraphed. Everybody likes to see their name! It shows that you took time to personalize for your guests. You can do welcome signs and bar signs that show off your signature cocktail.

We can write in any style you want – all lowercase letters, even. We can even do bookmarks as place cards that guests can take home and use.

You can request advice for the wedding couple, a story or favorite memory ahead of a shower and have those messages calligraphed and bound into a beautiful keepsake book.

Dede Adams Calligraphy

3.   How do you show your personality through wedding photos?

Ben Lipford Photography: You don’t want photos on your wedding day that don’t look like you. You want to hire a photographer who you enjoy being around and who invests time in getting to know you. I always recommend an engagement session with the photographer who is shooting your wedding for a number of reasons. It helps you get comfortable with each other, get to know what the cameras look and sound like, get to know some poses you’re going to be put in, see how they document candid moments, and let the photographer understand how you relate to each other physically and otherwise. Whatever you like to do together, that’s what we’ll do for an engagement session. Skydiving? Video games? You name it. You want to be yourself on the big day and have a good rapport with your photographer. That will make for the best pictures. Our goal is that 10 years from your wedding day you’ll look at pictures and remember what it felt like,not just what it looked like. During our in-person meeting we go over every detail of the day to make sure we capture everything. We create custom moments that show who you are in pictures. I’m not further than an arm’s reach from my clients all day. You want to make sure you like that person shooting your images all day!

Ben Lipford Photography

Irene Tyndale: I always tell my couples the photographer is especially important.Those who are outstanding are not cheap. Make sure the photographer and you mesh well and that you can see them mingling with your family and guests. Even though they’re on the outskirts, they’re part of your day. I love a package that’s 8 hours minimum so they can capture anything.  

4.   How much does entertainment factor into making a reception completely unique to the wedding couple?

Bow Tied Weddings: We’re hands on with all our clients and personality is very important.Our team is personality focused. We’re exciting DJs for exciting couples who want exciting parties. We’re also like assistant wedding planners, our services go beyond just DJ and emcee services. We’ll meet with the couples more than once, look at the layout of the party space with them. We want the DJ and photo booth to be complementary ideas not competing ideas. We send out a detailed questionnaire to know exactly what you want. We choreograph the elements of the evening with your other vendors.


5.   How can you make the conclusion of the reception as exciting as the beginning?

Crumbl Signature Sugar Cookies

CrumblCookies: We add the cherry on top. People remember a lot of things about the party, but giving them a parting gift is the best way to end the night. Our pink boxes are pretty packages for a single cookie or a set of four. We can do mini sugar cookies with our pink almond icing, we can do almost any flavor youc an think of. We have a very broad favor profile. We can deliver, too.


IreneTyndale: I’ve done cookie tables, and there are never any cookies left. It’s memorable. And everybody loves a cookie.



6.    What are some of the most unique ways you’ve helped couples personalize different aspects of the wedding weekend?

Bow Tied Weddings: I try to attend the rehearsal dinner to meet the wedding party and find out what music they like so I can do a shout out to them when playing a song for them during the celebration. I’ve helped with honeymoon suggestions and even Sunday brunch ideas. I love to have a special last dance for the bride and groom so they really drink in the moment.


Ben Lipford Photography: Nothing is a no! I’ve done so many shots after the celebration when a couple wants to go to Waffle House or the Clermont Lounge. When it’s important to you, it’s important to me to capture that for you. Some people have an idea I their heads of what an engagement session or wedding photo should look like. If you love books, let’s see how to incorporate that into your images. That’s how we capture your day as you. You want people to look at your photos and say, “I want that” instead of you duplicating others. I don’t say no to an idea.


Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events: I love to listen carefully tomy clients so I can try to personalize a surprise for them or make their biggest wish come true. One example: a bride wanted fireworks for her wedding but wedidn’t think it was possible. I worked with the fire marshal for eight months to make it happen in midtown Atlanta. A groom and his best man would visit steakhouses together whenever they were in the same city. It was their tradition. When I heard that, I had the chef for the wedding prepare a special steak meal just for those men so they could continue their tradition in special way. I love to work with the DJ for an anniversary dance for the parents or grandparents.


Linen Hero: I love to hear what might be the thing that will transform your day. A client sent me a picture of something that was at Bridal Extravaganza one year, not knowing I had done the design. She was in love with the rosette sashes, and I did that for her on her high top tables as a surprise.Those little personal details mean a lot. I brought specialty gold linens into Cancun for a destination wedding because they didn’t have them there. Remember,when you’re talking to your vendors, don’t be shy about what you’d truly love. We'll know how to get things done. We want to impart a creative factor and give you exactly what you want!


Linen Hero

Crumbl Cookies: All our cookies are made fresh. Everyone’s excited by cookies. We are working on gluten free and vegan options.


Dede Adams Calligraphy: A bride’s mother made 200 origami swans for place cards with beads that dropped down and I wrote the couples’ names on it. He father made a special board for them to hang from. It was beautiful and special for them. We can make tags for cookie packages, too!


7.   How do you make personalization look cohesive? Any tips for taking random things and putting them together into one beautiful event?

Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events: Use the weddings that you see on social media as inspiration and pull things from it that you like. Our designers will ask you what it is about it that you love. Too much can be too much. A planner can help pull all the pieces together and let you know what can work.

 We want to make it uniquely you.


Ben Lipford Photography: Make it you. Don’t think you have to change anything about you to look like something else. Don’t think you have to be one certain way to have a beautiful wedding.


Linen Hero: If you have a venue with multiple spaces, you can make each one unique and different. Why not?? It’s your wedding!