From Ring to Reception: All the Details of Your Dream Wedding

Get expert tips on all the little details you don’t want to forget. Read the recap of our Ring to Reception expert advice session from Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza January 2021.

Expert Vendor Panel: Alex Ahn Violin, Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau, Balloonacy ~ Flowers by Holland, Bow Tied Weddings, Cakeology, Dede Adams Calligraphy, Luxe Event Loft, Mitchell Event Planning


Mitchell Event Planning

How do you determine what details matter most in the grand scheme of your wedding weekend? What do you tell brides and grooms to do the day before the wedding?

Mitchell Event Planning: Think of these three things: What is your goal for the event? What is your passion? If you’re focused on food or entertainment, or experiences, you decide where you place your focus. What makes you happy?

Day Before Should Dos: Limit alcohol, drink plenty of water, get eight hours of sleep, and trust the process!

Day Before Don'ts: Don’t stress about details, don’t try anything new (face cream, foods, etc.)

How does ceremony music differ from reception music and why is it important beyond the walk down the aisle?

Alex Ahn Violin: Ceremony music is usually slower, more romantic. Reception music is where we turn up! I often transition from dinner to the dance floor, getting everyone up and out of their seats. Then I KEEP them on the dance floor. (Watch the beginning and ending of our Zoom session to see Alex in action!)

What is important to ask about when selecting a venue for your wedding/reception? How do you know if it’s the right one?

Luxe Event Loft: Find the venue that speaks to you. What’s your aesthetic? Look for the services you need as well. Some venues can provide everything, like us. Some, you'll have to bring in multiple other vendors.

Explain how and why to work with a CVB, please.

Alpharetta CVB: A Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is a great free resource to help you find vendors and venues around the area. We provide help with hotel block reservations, welcome bags, finding private dining locations... the whole thing!

Courtesy of Alpharetta CVB

How do you help couples create a plan for their party that reflects their style and keeps guests involved?

Bow Tied Weddings: We meet with our couples and really get to know them so we can completely customize the entertainment and experience. We want them to feel comfortable with their DJ and our whole team. We truly become friends with our couples and know exactly how to make their celebration ideal for them!

Bow Tied Weddings

What are the elements of ceremony and celebration décor that you find couples aren’t thinking about?

Balloonacy – Flowers by Holland

Think about the altar area for the ceremony! Many couples don’t think about this element and how you'll want it to be beautified. We can repurpose elements and use them elsewhere. Maybe it moves to the sweetheart table for the bride and groom, or it could be an entry arch. We want every element to be beautiful. And make sure that you don’t try to peek at designs before they’re done. We want you to love it, and you’ll be excited when we give you the first look when it’s all finished!


How can calligraphy be used to make the wedding weekend more beautiful and organized?

Dede Adams Calligraphy

You can beautify your wedding in so many ways. When you calligraph your envelopes it’s special. It’ll look beautiful.  We can have your menu calligraphed, and you names and project them onto the dance floor. Escort cards can be done as well. You can make beautiful messages and signs for guests, including signature cocktails at the bar, and itineraries in their welcome bags.

What do you need to think through when selecting your wedding dessert and what options are there beyond the classic cake?


When you think through your dessert design concept, you can have much more than cake! If you want a four-tier cake but you have smaller guest lists, we can do fake tiers so you don’t spend on cake that will be more than you need! You can select multiple flavors for your cake layers. We can do party favors like cookies with your logo on it, individually packaged. Also, we provide a fresh top layer of your cake on your one-year anniversary as a special gift. No eating old cake! We've got your anniversary covered.

Looking for more? Watch the Zoom panel recording here.