Find Your Ideal Wedding Style

What will you wear? How will your wedding look? Read the recap of our Find Your Wedding Look expert advice session from Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza January 2021.

Expert Vendor Panel: Affairs to Remember Catering, Bel Fiore Bridal, Exquisite Sounds Entertainment, The Fox Theatre, Irene Tyndale Weddings & Events, Made You Look Photo & Film, Quest Events LLC, Savvi Formalwear

Following the fashion show finale for Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza (watch it here) we gathered some top wedding pros to talk about style in ceremonies and celebrations, and how couples can define theirs.


Bel Fiore Bridal and Savvi Formalwear. Image: Made You Look Photo & Film


What guidance do you give brides when they’re not sure what look is right for their wedding day?

Never try to match your venue! Think about what you wear in your daily life, what speaks to you? What's your look? You want to see YOU when you look at your photos. Many brides get a feeling when they see themselves in a dress that speaks to them. We have such a varied selection in all sizes that we have a style that will suit everyone. You want to find a garment that makes you look like YOU and beautiful. Every gown in our store is under $3,500, so we have tons of options at affordable price points and we'll find you something that you may not have expected. - Bel Fiore Bridal



How do you create a men’s formalwear look that allows the groom to express his style and complement his partner?

We start with the gown, the venue and how the bride feels when she thinks about these elements coming together. This gives us a clear vision. With our grooms, we go through a process of identifying how he wants to feel, what he usually enjoys wearing and bringing it all together. With men, it’s all about the details. Whether it’s a special tie or shoes, we pull in accessories that make it uniquely him. - Savvi Formalwear


How do photos and video complement each other to tell the story of your wedding weekend? What do you tell couples who aren’t sure that they want video?

Everyone knows that they want gorgeous, dramatic, beautiful images they can look at for all time. Video is the perfect complement to the photos because it’s capturing a moment live that tells more of the story in a different way. There’s no substitute for great cinematic film that can be watched again and again. It might be a special speech or a moment with an elder that'll be pure gold; an impromptu interview. Using one team of pros to do both ensures they share the same look, quality and style.- Made You Look Photo & Film

What are the questions you ask couples to answer when helping them define their wedding vision?

I like to get to know each part of the couple. We get their story, their backgrounds and cultures, and how they met. I ask how do you like to eat, what do you do, what’s your homestyle? Where have you traveled? Then, we look at their Pinterest boards and saved images. If someone comes with ideas from a friend's wedding that they loved, that's great. But we don’t duplicate weddings, we want to find out what you loved about your friend’s wedding, but make it specific to your love story.

- Irene Tyndale Weddings & Events


Quest Events


How can you transform a space to become a true décor element rather than just a room?

We specialize in drapery: ceiling drapery, ceremony cabanas, and you can see in the fashion show we created that hard latticework backdrop. Nobody wants to see an EXIT sign during the first dance photos or videos or behind your entertainers! We can create highboys and end tables, seating groups and furniture from material like the latticework. Drapery added into a room can become a true décor element and can make the space look different than just a ballroom. It expresses your style beautifully, making your wedding look one-of-a-kind. -Quests Events


Affairs to Remember

How can your menu tell your love story and showcase your style

Food is an important element of your celebration! For many of your guests, this may be their first introduction to you as a couple. You may be joining different religious and cultural backgrounds. You want to emphasize how you come together, not how you’re different. You might take an element of the bride’s and groom’s backgrounds and fuse them into something new! And remember, food has to be welcoming and not unapproachable. It should be beautiful, but also the right food for the occasion and the celebrants. - Affairs to Remember


Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza Fashion Show taping at the Fox Theatre

How can the right venue set the tone for your entire wedding?

Your venue will be the backdrop for every picture and video of your wedding! It should be a representation of you. As you start to lock in your concept, think about what represents you. If you’re not a country person, you wouldn’t choose a barn. Everything builds from the foundation of the venue. The Fox provides a glamorous setting for a wedding, that includes seeing your name in lights on the marquee. - The Fox Theatre


How do you create a party atmosphere that truly reflects the wedding couple?

We want to get to know the couple well and understand the music that means something to them, from childhood through college and beyond. It helps us to know who is coming and who are we getting on that dance floor. We’ll do our homework to make sure we’re putting together the party that will be what you hope for and make sure everyone has a great time. - Exquisite Sounds Entertainment


Exquisite Sounds Entertainment

Looking for more? Watch the Fashion Show and Zoom panel recording here.