Behind the Design of the VIP Bridal Lounge

As a blank slate, Grant Loft at the Southern Exchange is both beautiful and impressive with its gleaming, polished concrete floors and warm and rich exposed brick.

Without any help the room lets you know that events there are special, but once a designer like J. Wilbur Smith of EventScapes takes control of the room, the VIP Bridal Lounge at the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta becomes a feature you cannot miss. Those who treated themselves to the decadence of the lounge last August weren’t just pampered with the extra time in the venue, complimentary food and desserts from on-site vendors, and massages, they were transported into a glamorous and elegant lounge that EventScapes created.

To Mix and Balance

Exposed brick and concrete floors might scream rustic or industrial to you, but in the hands of a designer, that’s only a starting point. When we asked J. Wilbur Smith about the design for the VIP Bridal Lounge, he told us that the approach was to create an intimate space for brides and their friends – or their new bridal friends that they met at the show. By bringing in soft elements like velvet linens and shag rugs, and glamorous touches like crystal chandeliers, crystal curtain backdrops and acrylic chairs, the space was transformed to an opulent and inviting lounge that made every guest feel like they were on an exclusive list.

Giving Your Guests the VIP Treatment

Yes, Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta is an experience in bridal best from beginning to end, so you know when it comes to the VIP experience, it’s going to deliver, but it’s important to remember that you can have a VIP experience at your own wedding. By working with an experienced event design company like EventScapes, you can get the creative vision and expertise to help you makes the most of your event space and budget.

Taking Notes

Once you have taken advantage of all of the perks the VIP Bridal lounge has to offer, you may think because it’s an aesthetic different from your own, that it’s not there to serve as your inspiration point, but in fact there are little gifts of inspiration to be found everywhere. Take the August VIP Bridal Lounge for example. Its luxe beauty was surely enjoyed by all, but some brides prefer more low key or rustic elements. Okay, so no crystal curtains in the barn. That’s fine. But what you can take away from it is the lounge seating used to create intimate seating spaces. That’s a trend that’s grown rapidly because it brings form with the softer more inviting seating options and function by giving guests a place to rest their weary feet. It’s a win- win and it works in most types of decor.

“Lounge groupings create intimate spaces where people can gather,” said J. Wilbur. “Even if you want people on the dance floor, you can do  lounge seating closer to the dance floor. Of course, you may also have older guests that would appreciate lounge seating further from the dance floor in a quieter space to gather as well.”

Get tickets for Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta on February 17th here to experience the VIP Bridal Lounge for yourself.