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We're thrilled that you'll be exhibiting at Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza!
Below you'll find our two-page form to choose your booth size and share your Diamond Card special.
You can also register for more than one show, at a discounted price.
This is a two-step process. Please fill out this page and the next page completely to officially register!

Step 1 of 2: Info
Step 2 of 2: Purchase


diamond accent

Single Booth $995

• 8x10 booth
• 6ft table and linen

Premium Single Booth $1,195

• 10x10 booth
• 6ft table and linen
• Premium booth placement

Double Booth $1,795

• 16×10 booth
• 2 6ft tables and linens

Premium Double Booth $2,150

• 20×10 booth
• 2 6ft tables and linens
• Premium booth placement

Table-Top Booth Option (Single) $745

• 6 ft table and linen (no extra booth space included)

Additional Marketing Opportunities

VIP Swag Bag Item Inclusion $150
3 Month Website Banner Ad $300  
Editorial Feature on AWE blog $200



Each bride/groom receives a Diamond Card to “spend” at the show! Create a special offer- it can be a discount, an upgrade, an add-on, etc. Specials will be promoted at the show and in advance to encourage people to come see you! The card will be valid for 60 days after the show.

Examples: $200 off our packages! $350 in upgrades if you schedule a tour! $100 off with booked consult!

Note: We are also promoting Show Day Bonus offers. If you want to offer a "show day" offer in addition to your Diamond Card Show Special, please include that below, as well! 

Ultimate Wedding Giveaway

The Ultimate Wedding Giveaway allows attendees to PICK the prize they most want to win for their wedding! It's a huge highlight of the show! Vendors can offer one BIG prize to one couple (with a value greater than $300) and enjoy added promotional efforts both before and during AWE!
What should your giveaway, discount or upgrade be? Here are some examples of what some vendors are doing: $500 off a wedding gown, a free wedding cake, six free tux rentals, 50% off a DJ package.


Want an additional opportunity to get promoted prior to the show with a giveaway on Instagram? Must be a prize and not a discount. (Right: Hotel one-night stay. Wrong: 15% off booking.)

Next up: Choose your booth size and complete your registration with payment.

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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